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Contacting Support

As a startup in a closed Beta release of our MVP (Minimally Viable Product,) we are working feverishly to grow and develop our platform. This means that we are currently constrained in our ability to support users. As a result, it may take us a while to respond, but would love to get questions and requests for support and feedback. While we have a very long list of additional features that are planned for the platform, we would love to get user feature requests as well.

Here are some ways in which you can contact us:


Our Feedback Form which can be accessed at: Share your Feedback can be used for the following requests:

  • General Account Inquiries

  • Specific Account Inquiries

    • Account bans/suspensions

    • Account information change

    • Account security

    • Account deletion

  • Request a Feature

  • Reporting of:

    • Bugs

    • Inappropriate content

    • Underage users

    • Violations of Editorial or Community Standards (which can also be done from within the app or website.)

  • Privacy related inquiries - Before submitting a request related to privacy, please ensure you have read our Privacy Policy which lays out what data we use/collect.

  • Data portability requests

We have additional forms which can be accessed below:

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