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Current Limitations and Known Issues

Our product is currently optimized for Google Chrome, as we're in the process of extending full support to other browsers like Safari and Firefox. Users may encounter errors or issues in these non-Chrome browsers, which we're diligently working to address.

As this is our inaugural product release, unforeseen problems might arise. We encourage users who experience technical difficulties to contribute to our improvement by submitting a bug report. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance the product and support a wider range of browsers.


We currently recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser to access the UNPRESS website.

If you choose to login with an Apple ID, we recommend that you do not hide your email address if you want to login via different social providers (Google for example) and access the same account based on the same email address.

Login Issues

The UNPRESS platform uses social login providers to help get you access to the platform. The primary information we receive from these providers is your email address. If you use one provider to log in with one email address and another provider to log in using a different email address, we have no way of knowing that both belong to the same person. As a result, you’ll end up creating two different accounts.

This is particularly true if you log in using an Apple ID and choose to hide your email address. Even if the email address of your Apple ID is the same that you may have used to log in previously, you will end up with a new account. When you log in with an Apple ID and choose to hide your email address, Apple generates a random email address that they pass back to us. We currently have no mechanism by which we can match this back to an email address you used previously.

How to contact customer support

You can get support, submit a bug report, or suggest features and improvements by navigating to our support portal and opening a request. You can find our support portal at the link below.

UNPRESS Customer Support

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