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For UNPRESS Creators

Creators on UNPRESS

UNPRESS is a cutting-edge app designed for creators of non-fiction news and information. UNPRESS offers a unique platform to showcase your work, build credibility and respect, engage with a wider audience, and uphold high journalistic standards.

This Section

The 'For Creators' section of the help pages will serve as a comprehensive guide for journalists using the app. Key features include:

  1. Editorial Standards and Definitions: This crucial segment provides a detailed overview of our editorial standards that must be met when publishing stories. New creators and experienced journalists alike can find our guidelines and definitions that are essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of their content. Note that while Editorial Standards are specifically oriented at creators making news content, there is a much more detailed Community Standards that all users and all content must adhere to.

  2. Upcoming Educational Resources: UNPRESS is committed to the continuous development of its creators. This section promises future additions of educational materials and tools aimed at enhancing the app's effectiveness for journalists and independents. These resources are designed to help creators stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques in journalism.

Creators are encouraged to regularly visit the 'For Creators' section to stay updated with the evolving standards and resources, ensuring they leverage UNPRESS to its fullest potential.

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