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Fraud, Illegal or Regulated Goods or Services


Our intention is to prevent the UNPRESS platform from being used to propagate or further the aims of those who seek to engage in unlawful behavior, illegal and/or fraudulent activities that can result in harm to people or businesses.

This includes voter or census fraud, selling, buying, or facilitating transactions in illegal goods or services, as well as certain types of regulated goods or services. This also includes engaging in, promoting or facilitating any type of deceptive scam.

In some cases, we may ask you to contact a law enforcement agency and have them contact us via our law enforcement request page to ensure we have enough context to enforce this policy. In addition to reports received, we proactively surface activity that may violate this policy for human review. 

What happens if you violate these standards?

We will remove any content that purposely deceives, willfully misrepresents or otherwise defrauds or exploits others for gain. We will also remove any content that promotes or advocates for these activities. Repeated infringements will result in account removal.

For more information see our page: Enforcement Approach

(error) What is in violation of these standards?

Included under this policy are, but are not limited to, content that provides engages in, promotes, facilitates, educates in how-to, or advocates for any of the following:

  • counterfeit goods and services

  • controlled substances and illegal drugs

  • products made from endangered or protected species

  • human trafficking

  • sexual services

  • stolen information, goods or services via:

    • credit card fraud and purchases with stolen financial information

    • trading, selling or buying of:

      • personal identifiable information

      • fake and misleading user reviews or ratings

      • credentials for subscription services

      • coupons

    • sharing, selling, trading, or buying of future exam papers or answer sheets

  • fraud; i.e. deception with the intention to obtain a financial or personal benefit, to the detriment of a third party (individual or entity.) This includes engaging or coordinating with others to commit fraud. Examples of fraudulent activities include:

    • investment or financial scams

    • charity, romance or impersonation scams or the establishment of false businesses or entities.

    • product or rewards scams

    • fake employment opportunities, work from home, home based business, get-rich-quick scams, debt relief or credit repair scams

    • creating fake documents or financial instruments, counterfeit currency, money laundering

    • forging educational and professional certificates

    • voter or census fraud, including offers to buy votes through cash or gifts, or statements that advocate for or show intention to illegally participate in a voting or census process

  • betting manipulation (for example match fixing)

  • manipulation, or instruction for the manipulation of measuring devices such as electricity or water meters in order to bypass their authorized or legal use.

(tick) What is not in violation of these standards?

Reporting on, covering, investigation of these activities in order to raise awareness and educate others is the goal of UNPRESS.

We allow content that discusses these activities, also permissible as long as the policy laid out in this section is upheld, i.e. there should be no instruction in how-to, action taken to engage, promote, facilitate or advocate for the prohibited activities. With regards to instruction, illustrating how fraud and scams function from the perspective of a potential victim of fraud is not in violation of these standards. Instruction in how to perform these activities or obtain prohibited goods and services is a violation.

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