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Graphic Content


We will remove content, video’s, images, comments and other textual descriptions that is particularly graphic in nature that we may consider disturbing.

For content that has journalistic merit, we may allow it to be shown, but only after placing warnings on that content and prohibiting it from being displayed to users under the age of 18. This content may include coverage of human rights abuses, armed conflict or terrorism.

What happens if you violate these standards?

Content may be labelled or removed, platform functionality may be restricted and for egregious violations, accounts may be banned. We may also relay egregious violations to the appropriate authorities.

For more information see our page: Enforcement Approach

(error) What is in violation of these standards?

Imagery of People

Any imagery of people or dead bodies in a non-medical setting. This includes but is not limited to content that depicts:

  • Graphic injuries that show internal organs, including dismemberment

  • Deceased or decomposing bodies

  • People who are on fire or massive burn injuries, unless it is depicting cremation or self-immolation as a form of political speech

  • Victims of cannibalism

  • Throat-slitting

  • Torture

  • Capital punishment

Cruel or Perverse Discourse

  • Cruel or perverse communication directed at content that is put behind a warning screen, unless there is a self-defense context or medical setting.

  • Cruel or perverse communication directed at the following content which includes a label so that people are aware it may be sensitive:

    • Imagery of one or more persons subjected to violence and/or humiliating acts by one or more uniformed personnel doing a police function

    • Imagery of fetuses or newborn babies

    • Explicitly cruel or perverse remarks towards the suffering of people or animals depicted in the imagery

  • Offering or soliciting imagery that is deleted or put behind a warning screen under this policy, when accompanied by cruel or perverse remarks

(tick) What is not in violation of these standards?

Content that:

  • Has journalistic value when dealing with important social issues such as human rights abuses, armed conflicts or terrorism. Certain graphic content is allowed in order to help people to condemn and raise awareness. In these situations, we may require that the faces of victims be blurred, particularly in the case of the deceased, and a mature content warning be added to the video at the time the story is posted.

  • Is newsworthy and is presented in a medical context

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