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Inviting others to UNPRESS

This page is designed to help you navigate the process of inviting friends and colleagues to join you on the UNPRESS platform. As UNPRESS is currently invite-only, this guide will be essential in expanding your network and bringing in new members. Let's get started on how you can share UNPRESS with others.

Accessing Invitation Options on the Web

Once you gain access to UNPRESS, you're equipped with 8 unique invitations to share UNPRESS with others. Here's how to use them:

Navigate to Invitations

At the top right hand side of the page you will see an icon that looks like the image shown to the right. The number in the red circle represents the number of remaining invitations that are available to you to send.

Invitations Icon

This will be located to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page. The image below shows this with the invitations outlined in red.

Accessing invitations.png

Click the icon, and it will open the following dialog box where you will see the unique invitations.

exclusive invitations unused

Unused Exclusive Invitations

Click on one of the numbered invitations to reveal its unique invitation link. These links are one-time use only, so they should be shared directly with a chosen friend. Clicking on the link will automatically copy it to your devices clipboard.

Once you share a link, you will be able to see who has signed up through that link, of it the party you shared the link with has not used it. If they have not used it and you wish to reclaim your invitation, you can revoke the invitation using the button shown below.

Getting an invitations unique link

Getting an invitations unique link

Special Network Invitations for Creators

We have the ability to provide a different type of invitation for creators looking to bring their entire communities on board. This special “network” invitation provides a link that can be used an unlimited number of times. If you have been granted this style of invitation, it will appears like the image shown below.

unlimited invitations link

Unlimited invitations link

If you are a creator and have a large community you would like to onboard, please email us at with you account username and the size of the community you would like to bring on board.

Please Note: The network invitation link is for private sharing only. DO NOT post it on public internet forums.

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