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Accessing UNPRESS

UNPRESS is currently in an exclusive closed beta of our MVP. This means that while you can attempt to login with your Google account via the web or mobile app, you will not be able to access the platform until your account has been approved.

Requesting Access

There are two ways to access the UNPRESS platform today:

  1. Sign in with a social account to get on the waiting list.

  2. Receive an exclusive invitation from someone who already has access.

Getting on the Waiting List

  • You will then be taken to the following page where you can login with your Google Account. At this time, we only support Google authentication so you will need a Google account to access the platform.

  • Once you login with your Google account you will see the following notice page. Accessing this page will automatically put you on a waiting list - no further action from you is required.

  • As we open up the platform to the general public, we will approve your account and notify you. All that needs to be done by you is to go and log back in with the same Google account you signed up with initially. You will then be taken to the profile creation page, where you will need to fill in some information before the signup process is complete. See, setting up your profile, for more information.

Receiving an Exclusive Invite

Get an exclusive invite from an existing member. Members that are in the closed beta each have a number of unique invitations that they can provide to their friends, family, and network. If you know someone who already has access, you can request an invitation from them.

The invitation will be in the form of a unique website address. Click on it and login with your social account login as explained in the “Getting on the Waiting List” section above. Once you login your account will be automatically approved and you will start the process of setting up your profile.


UNPRESS uses external identity providers to authenticate your user account. We support:

  • Google Authentication (currently this is the only authentication mechanism we support.)

  • Apple Authentication (future)

  • Facebook / Instagram Authentication (future)

  • Snap Authentication (future)

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