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Setting up your profile

Creating a compelling profile on UNPRESS is crucial for establishing your identity and credibility and connecting with your audience.

Basic Profile Information

When you log into an approved account for the first time, you will see the Create your profile page, where we will ask you for the following information:

  • Username - choose a unique username to represent yourself. Once you select a username, you cannot change it.

  • Firstname - can be modified from your profile page.

  • Lastname - can be modified from your profile page.

  • Email - This is the email address of the account you logged in to. It cannot be changed.

  • Birthdate - We use your birthdate to verify that you are old enough to use the platform. It will never be visible to other users. Once set, you can change it from your profile page.

  • Bio - can be modified from your profile page.

Once complete, hit the Sign up button to complete your account creation. Once complete, we suggest going into your profile and creating an Introduction Story.

Profile Best Practices

Here are some best practices for setting up your profile:


Selecting an appropriate username is an important step in setting up your UNPRESS profile, and once selected it cannot be changed. Here are some tips for choosing a username that suits you best:

  1. Professional and Memorable: Your username should be professional and easy to remember. Avoid using complex or obscure references.

  2. Reflective of Your Identity: Choose a username that reflects your identity or journalistic niche. This could be your name, a combination of your name and beat, or a pseudonym that represents your journalistic style.

  3. Unique but Simple: Ensure your username is unique but simple to spell and pronounce. This helps in easy identification, searching and sharing.

  4. Avoid Numbers and Special Characters: Try to avoid using numbers and special characters unless they are integral to your brand identity.

  5. Consistency Across Platforms: If possible, select a username consistent with your presence on other social media platforms to maintain brand continuity.

Remember, your username is a key component of your online presence on UNPRESS, so choose one that effectively represents you and is easily searchable.

User Picture

By default, we will use the user photo from your social login account. You may want to change it in accordance with the following.

  • Quality and Professionalism: Choose a high-quality, professional photo that represents you. This could be a headshot or a photo that reflects your journalistic focus.

  • Appropriate and Engaging: Ensure the photo is appropriate for a professional platform and is engaging to your audience.

  • Unique and Identifiable: Ensure you choose a picture that will be unique and help you stand out.

Background Image

  • Relevant and Reflective: Select a background image that reflects your journalistic interests or the themes you cover. This could be an image from a story you've covered or a graphic that represents your beat.

  • High Resolution: Use a high-resolution image to ensure it looks good on all devices.

Writing a Bio

Your Bio should be used to inform your audience of who you are, your credentials, and your experience. It should answer the question of why they should trust you.

  • Concise and Informative: Write a bio that is concise yet informative, summarizing your journalistic experience and areas of expertise.

  • Personal Touch: Add a personal touch to make your bio relatable. Share what drives your passion for journalism.

  • Professional Achievements: Mention any notable achievements or publications to establish credibility.

Creating an Introduction Story

Nothing introduces you to your audience like an Intro Story. We highly recommend you create a short video story that introduces you, your background and the topics or beats you plan to cover.

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