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Our Commitment to Dialogue and Fair Process

We understand that it takes a great deal of work to build a reputation and a following on any platform and that doing so is a great investment in time, money, and energy. We value our creators, and for that reason, you have our commitment to the following:

  • No Automatic Bans: We believe in dialogue and education rather than punitive measures. We will not ban creators without discussion and without providing them an opportunity to correct their content.

  • Support and Guidance: Our team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have about the moderation process, our policies, or how to align your content with our community standards.

  • Transparency and Clarity: We aim to be transparent about our policies and the reasons for content moderation decisions. Our goal is to help creators understand our standards and how to create content that enriches our community.

Per our commitment, we understand the importance of providing a fair process for content creators whose work may come under review due to reports or identified violations of our policies. This page outlines the recourse available to creators in such situations.

If Your Content Is Reported and Found to Violate Our Policies

  1. Initial Review and Unpublishing: When content is reported or identified by our moderation team as potentially violating our policies, it undergoes a thorough review. If it is found to violate our guidelines, the content will not be automatically deleted. Instead, it will be unpublished and returned to your draft stories with an alert that it has been reported and unpublished.

  2. Notification and Feedback: You will receive a notification that your content has been unpublished. This notification will include information explaining the reasons for the action, highlighting the specific editorial or community standards violated, and the associated prohibited categories. This feedback is designed to help you understand the nature of the violation and how to address it.

  3. Opportunity to Update and Correct: After receiving our feedback, you can revise your content. Instead of forcing you to delete the content and post a new story - which would result in a loss of ratings, comments, and perspectives, we allow you to edit all aspects of the story, documenting any changes made and addressing errata as necessary. We encourage you to take this opportunity to review your content critically and make the necessary adjustments to comply with our standards.

  4. Republishing Your Content: Once you have updated your content to comply with our guidelines, you can submit it for republishing. Our team will review the revised content to ensure that the issues identified have been adequately addressed. If the content now meets our standards, it will be republished.

How to Seek Further Clarification or Appeal

  • Contacting Support: If you have questions about your content's moderation or wish to seek clarification about the feedback provided, you can contact our support team by opening a support request. Please provide specific details about your case to help us address your concerns effectively.

  • Appeal Process: If you believe that your content was unjustly unpublished or that you have made the necessary changes but the content has not been republished, you can appeal the decision. The appeal should include a detailed explanation and any supporting documentation that can help your case.


We value the contributions of our content creators and understand the importance of providing a fair and transparent process for content moderation. Our aim is to ensure that our platform remains a respectful, engaging, and fair space for all members of our community. By working together and adhering to our guidelines, we can continue to foster a vibrant and diverse community of creators.

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